Tuesday 24 February 2009

Accepting a Job Offer

Write to thank the person making you the offer, using any reference number they have given and enclosing any information that has been requested. You should also mention the date of the letter and quote the full job title and starting date, if stated.

Accept the offer and say that you are looking forward to starting work with the organisation.

Keep a copy of this letter as, along with their letter as it forms your contract of employment. As the word ‘contract’ implies, by accepting the offer you are making a legal undertaking.

You should not accept a job with the intention of rejecting it later if something better turns up.

If you haven’t received a formal offer letter in the post, contact the company and ask them when you can expect it.

Even if the process has been informal, you are entitled to a written letter of employment to which you should also respond in writing. In smaller companies this could be done via email.

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