Saturday 28 February 2009

Always Use a Cover Letter

There should always be a covering letter with a CV; an opportunity to show your motivations, highlight any relevant skills & show them you have researched the role and their organisation.

If you mention skills in your cover letter - ensure they are also in your CV - not everyone may see your the letter. If you have any unusual circumstances, the covering letter is a good place to explain them in a positive way.

The basics that should be in a cover letter:
  • Who you are and why you are writing to them
  • Why you are interested in working for them - provide evidence & show you researched the company/role
  • Why your experience, skills and knowledge match their requirements.
  • Professional and polite ending (as always)
The most successful letters are the ones which show specific research into the post and organisation, you are seeking to work with. Good Luck!

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