Saturday 21 March 2009

Free CV Tips: listing your achievements

Your CV is essentially a list of your achievements. It requires you to review all that you've done so far. By creating and reviewing your ‘key achievements’, it will reveal your strengths to a would-be employer. It also prepares you for interviews. Thus, think about your past jobs, extracurricular activities and any volunteer work by asking:
  1. What can I do better than anyone else?
  2. When did I take the initiative?
  3. Was I promoted? How often?
  4. Did I win awards, e.g., Employee of the Month?
  5. Did I get good performance or quarterly reviews?
  6. Have I received complimentary letters from customers or colleagues?
  7. Have I produced anything tangible (e.g., a publication or product)?
  8. Did I finish a major project on time and under budget?
  9. Did I start some system that improved efficiency?
  10. Did I participate in my company's employee suggestion program?
  11. Have I saved the company time or money?
  12. Did I work with someone important, e.g., the CEO?
  13. What are the 10 greatest accomplishments of my life & what skills did I use to achieve them?
  14. Was I recognized for excellent attendance?
  15. Did I file all the forms daily so that there was no backlog?
  16. Did I complete tasks in less time than expected?
For more hints & tips, please see Free CV Tips.

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