Sunday 29 March 2009

Online recruitment Blog - The future of Job Boards

....People hear about online rep management, they hear the facebook leading to getting sacked stories yet still the only link you’ll find for them is a series of embarrassing pictures from a rugby tour or something equally unappealing for a potential employer.

When the job market is shrinking and there is a need to be more competitive having a great rep and making that easily accessible is more important than ever.

So if anyone has a great bit of software that can host a CV, pull in social media, deliver a job feed, allow clients to view the network of potential candidates in a very elegant mapping tool, host employer branded social media and video and allow 3rd party comment in all areas whilst integrating with ATS and having a really slick set of skills tests and CV parsing tools available then really do give me a call.. I reckon it could work.

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