Monday 13 April 2009

Job Applications: Don't expect a response EVERYTIME

Don't expect responses from every résumé or CV you send out. During these 'tough times', most places are getting inundated with interest from would-be employees. Someone from the company will call if they are interested.

While it's fine to make one inquiry about your application, but let it go after that call - don't stalk them. Though it's difficult, don't focus on rejection or get discouraged. That will just slow you down and distract you going forward.

While you may get, "Due to the expected volume of responses received for this position, only candidates of interest will be contacted. No phone calls please."

A few additional pieces of advice though:
  • Do you know anyone connected or working within this company? Could you perhaps contact that connection to try to determine the status of the open position?
  • Even if you think this role is the perfect fit, do not stop your job search.
  • A job can be put on hold for a variety of different reasons. It is possible for roles to be put on hold only to resurface several days, weeks or months later.

Good luck.

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