Tuesday 19 May 2009


At the current time finding in a job in such a competitive market is very difficult, at My Job Buddy our sole aim is to help jobseekers through that often frustrating process.

Everyone is turning to the internet for their job searching, no matter what their level of job, experience or ambition, but there are major frustrations associated with jobseeking. Anyone who has applied for jobs on the internet is probably aware of automated 'email alert' systems, where you are regularly emailed a list of jobs that the automated system thinks might interest you.

The vast majority of these jobs are not relevant at all and these emails end up being a form of authorised spam in your email inbox! Our Search Buddy services really are something quite unique specifically designed to ease such frustrations.

The idea was a simple one. Why let a machine do the work when it gets it so wrong so often?

We all know how irritating, boring and time consuming it can be to sit looking through job listings, whether they are in the local newspaper or on a website.

We have a team of dedicated recruitment specialists who spend their time carrying out the hard work of job hunting on your behalf. We offer three different levels of Search Buddy, as detailed below. Our Search Buddy offering starts as low as £14.99 per month. Visit our website at for full details.

We also offer complimentary services all aimed at jobseekers looking to improve their job hunting prospects for full details visit our website at

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