Monday 11 May 2009

Training Manager - targeting your CV accordingly

As a training manager, your CV should contain some - if not all - of the following points:

  • Demonstrate collaborative experience with other managers identifying training needs of employees (and/or your department)
  • Experience formulating strategic training plans that meet your organization's future plans
  • Ability to manage (training) budgets
  • Experience devising and facilitating training internally; production of collateral/training packs perhaps?
  • Collaborative experience with training providers (external providers)
  • Ability to proactively appraise effectiveness of training courses; managing the feedback process
  • Expertise in assessing employee developmental needs; perhaps producing Personal Development Plans (PDPs)?
  • Ability to review and assess staff development
  • Other significant inputs leading to measurable benefits to the organization and staff development i.e. what did you do and what impact did it have?

Some ACTION VERBS (& supplementary text) for your consideration:

  • Partnered with ... to provide strategic training consulting services that included ...
  • Operated as a ‘satellite” training function with limited face-to-face contact with ...
  • Governed the instructional integrity of training programs including the development of ...
  • Developed and delivered training programmes ...
  • Coached ... to assist in embedding the learning within their teams
  • Managed third party vendor training and delivery process
  • Defined the standards that are required for all training programmes including materials
  • Recruited, coached, developed and motivated staff to ensure they deliver the required performance standards
  • Gave input into formulation of training budget and control all costs and plan and utilise resources to support the achievement of team budget and goals
  • Consulted with operations managers to identify performance and training requirements
  • Consulted with executive management / other key stakeholders on training programmes or other relevant interventions that will support the business strategy
  • Provided guidance and assistance to the business units on Human Performance needs
  • Provided expertise in assessment, design, delivery, measurement and evaluation of interventions to ensure they meet internationally benchmarked standards
  • Ensured regular enhancements to training interventions based on regular evaluations
  • Developed various training curricula to achieve operational requirements
  • Ensured integration of the curriculum with other learning and development practices
  • Oversaw quality control of training delivery and materials
  • Provided support and coaching for operational trainers

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