Wednesday 29 July 2009

Courtesy of Jobserve Labs: Search for Jobs from your Google Desktop

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Soon after JobServe Labs was launched, we launched the Windows Desktop Job Search Gadget – which enables you to execute job searches, and view full job details, directly from your Windows Desktop. Immediately we saw huge interest in this gadget (as a result we updated it to version 0.2 today), which has convinced us that providing our services in ways other than the web-browser is the right way to move forward.

Not everybody was happy, though, because not everybody is running Windows as their preferred desktop operating system, and even if they are it’s still likely to be Windows XP or 2003 – which doesn’t support the Windows Sidebar platform.

So, immediately we got back on the case and started looking at an alternative Job Search gadget that could be used by even more people; and which can be accessed from Linux, Mac OS-X or Windows. Mac OS-X, like Windows Vista or 7, has it’s own proprietary Gadget platform – the Dashboard and it’s Widgets, and we did look at developing a stand-alone version for that. However, in the end, we’ve decided to go for the Google Desktop Gadget Platform as it’s the one that probably has the most users, and it is indeed available on all three aforementioned OS flavours.

Ideas and suggestions

As always, we’ll be looking for ways to make this gadget even better to make it easier and faster to use; we also really want your ideas and suggestions for this or any other gadget or feature. You never know, you could be the source of the next idea to come out of JobServe Labs!

To see the full details (and review the screenshots), click HERE

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