Monday 17 August 2009

5 ways to move on from a job loss

So now that you have relaxed from the initial shock it’s time to move on. How do we find the new job? Here are a few key actions that can keep you moving forward. Make it a mantra to only work on one thing at a time. Trying to do it all at once will make it seem overwhelming and undo-able. Break tasks into smaller bits and it won’t be as hard.

1. Get organized - Getting organized and taking an honest look at where you are right now will lay the foundation for a survival plan. There is a great program out there called Simpleology. It is a free software that helps you get your day organized and takes you through a simple process to recognize what things are really important and helps prioritize. There are a ton of other free programs like this:, and Spend some time getting the old resume and cover letters updated and tweaked for the positions you want. Google companies more than jobs. You might discover a company that has more to offer that you didn't even know about. Search Top 10 lists and company reviews. Also create a list of people you know who can be a resource to job leads.

2. Barter - This is the most ancient form of business and can help get you recognized. No money is exchanged but rather services for the mutual benefit of both. Seek out other businesses that provide services you need and find out how you can trade a service in exchange. Calling on your neighbors to help baby sit while you interview and focus can keep costs down. You can take their kids in return. Be creative! If you’re doing your job right it’s also free marketing. Word of mouth is still your best friend and it costs nothing. And don’t forget to partner. Collaborate with other similar businesses or agencies and pool your resources. Helping each other helps the economy. There are barter sites popping up to exchange local services. Try as an example. Remember to do your own homework before getting involved.

3. Market yourself - Obvious resources like Monster and Career Builder have free services to help the job hunting and resume building. Don't forget the local job scene. Try local job boards and the non-profit news. People are using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out as well. Spend some time surfing the Internet for ways you can use these sites to promote your skills. You never know who has an opening you might fit. Simply by expanding your reach you increase your odds of reaching the right people. Remember to include key words in your resume text when applying on line. Repeat words in your text that are related to the job description as they will help you come up in a search. It can be time consuming to surf and retype different resumes for different jobs but it is free and can get you an interview.

4. Trimming the budget - Most families have had to cut activities and non-necessities. Taking a hard look at your budget and tightening the belt may be necessary. Free budget planners can be a helpful as well as ideas on how to cut back. If you need continuing education to keep a certification or want to upgrade your education there are companies offering free teleseminars or cheap on line courses. Local career fairs and events also have free clinics. Look for ways to spend time with significant others by enjoying what Indy has to offer. Every radio station and newspaper has a community calendar full of free events. If you need assistance take advantage of unemployment and state health insurance . You paid taxes while you were working so you would have access when you’re not working! Remember, this too shall pass!!

5. Don't Obsess! - Spending more than a couple of hours here or there on the computer is effort. Spending day and night searching over the same things or constantly checking your email for updates is obsessing. It gets you nowhere other than stressed! Have patience. If you have done your homework and follow leads, it will come. Your no good on an interview if you’re anxious and placing so much emphasis on one opportunity that you appear desperate. Cool confidence goes a long way.

Lastly but most important we can’t forget what drives us to sacrifice so much of our lives to work. Try to recall what about your career makes you happy or what motivates you to work. Keeping this in your mind gives one hope. Sometimes tough circumstances have a way of stripping away the muck and revealing what is really important. When we are tucked comfortable into a job we tend to miss opportunities. When the safety net is gone we are more aware and get the chance to reinvent who we are and learn that "we" are not our jobs. They don't define us. Plus we may move into a new career that we would have never thought of if we had never been through this in the first place. Good luck to all you job seekers!!!

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