Saturday 5 December 2009

The secret to looking busy when you're unemployed

If you are out of work and searching for a job, it is essential to keep yourself occupied and not be afraid of rejection.

It's a fact of life that, when it comes to applying for jobs, you're normally in a stronger position if you're already working. But in this economy, how do you persuade the people you want to hire you, that you are already doing what they want you to do?


• Have a job-search schedule and keep to it. "At least once a week put on smart clothes and go to see someone – it keeps up your confidence," advises John Lees, author of Career Reboot: 24 Tips For Tough Times.

• Offer your services for free. Volunteering shows you are proactive and can lead to new business. "When my friend started a photography business, she offered to do my headshots for free," says Marci Alboher, a renowned writer and blogger on career issues. "I was so impressed, I wrote a testimonial for her website and sent out a mailing to all of my friends. She booked several clients as a result of my recommendations."

• Talk to people about what's going on in your sector. And keep attending events, networking meetings and courses, says Barrie Hopson, co-author of And What Do You Do? 10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career. "You'll meet people and get a chance to practise your answers."

• Make some noise. "Promote yourself and get connections," says Hopson. "Research and invest in your online profile, especially LinkedIn. Also explore companies online that you might like to work for, and even follow them on Twitter. It really helps to know what they are focusing on."


• Be ashamed of rejections. "Even the best salespeople hear 'no' three times more than they hear 'yes'," reckons Lees. "Knockbacks are part of the game – don't take them personally or let them alter a good strategy."

• Neglect your social life. Get out and about – don't just rely on email. "You are just as likely to stumble across a job through a good social network as any other method," says Lees.

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