Sunday 21 February 2010

Job Ads 101

Advertisements are just one source of finding a job. lf you use all relevant publications, reply in time, think carefully about each job and target your responses to the specific advert, it can be an effective source but please don't rely only on this method for finding a job.

To find the right position you might consider looking at adverts placed in the following places:

• Local Press
• National Press
• Internet
• Professional and Trade Journals
• Television and Radio
• Post Office
• Supermarket Notice Boards
• Shop Windows
• Libraries
• Job Centres
• Recruitment Agencies
• Head-hunters

Hints and tips

Adverts are often poorly thought out by employers.

If the advert is very 'general', more people will apply, many of whom may be 'unsuitable'.

If the advert is very specific, it will deter others from making an application.
When you cannot meet all the criteria advertised, think about what you may be able to offer instead.

Sometimes the requirements of the company can change between the time the advert was placed and the time of interview.

Note. Read 'into' and 'behind' the words of the advert. What does it tell you about the organisation, its culture and the job itself?

Note. As a general rule, if the position interests you and you are able to meet some of the advertised criteria, make the application - you just need to try a little bit harder to persuade the employer to interview you.

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