Saturday 1 May 2010

The top 5 tips for today's graduates

College and university seniors across the country are on the hunt for their "dream job."

The job search engine has put together the following advice:

- Make a plan/stay organized: Think about which companies you want to work for, how your skills might apply to other areas/industries, and how you're going to track and follow up contacts (hint: use a spreadsheet).

- Think before you search: What types of jobs do you want to see? Which related terms should you be searching (nurse versus nursing)? Use the tools available on the "advanced search" page of job sites to get the most relevant search results. Advanced search typically allows you to search by company name, job title, and exact phrase. You can specify which words shouldn't appear in results.

- Don't repeat your work: Bookmark your search, save it to your RSS reader, or sign up to have new matches delivered to your e-mail address. Keep track of great search terms.

- Create versions of your resume: Tailor each to an industry or function you're interested in, so you'll have a polished, targeted version when you find a position you want.

- Apply to jobs selectively: The best applications are tailored to the specific job and focus on requirements in the job description. For better results, focus on opportunities that fit your skills.

For more hints & tips, see Graduate Vacancies

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