Wednesday 10 October 2012

Interview Questions to ask

When you’re asked “So, do you have any questions you would like to ask us?” - don’t shake your head and say “Nah I’m good thanks”. That isn’t what your prospective employer wants to hear. Bear in mind that not all of these questions will be appropriate for every job interview / role / position however what follows is a generic list of possible questions to get the old grey matter ticking over. These questions – in a roundabout way - will help you understand more about the job and company you are applying for.

20 Questions YOU could ask (in no particular order):
  1. Having reviewed my CV, what qualities / achievements particularly appealed to you?
  2. Are you interviewing more people for this position?
  3. When are you likely to be making the final decision on the role? When are you looking for someone to start?
  4. What challenges might I face in the first 3 months in the role?
  5. Why has this role become open / vacant?
  6. Have any previous employees failed to perform in this position? If so, what was the reason for this?
  7. How does the company reward or recognise outstanding work and excellence?
  8. How do I compare to the other people you have interviewed so far?
  9. How many other people work in the team? What are their job roles?
  10. Can you describe your ideal employee?
  11. What scope for progress and promotion is there within the company?
  12. Will I be expected to work late nights or at the weekend?
  13. Can you describe a typical day or week in the job?
  14. What is the most important attribute you would like to see from me within my trial period?
  15. Do you have any questions about my ability to do this job?
  16. Are there any areas you feel I would need to work on in order to become your top choice for the job?
  17. Do your employees socialise outside of the workplace?
  18. Will the job involve much travelling? If so, how much?
  19. Does the job involve any form of training? How will this be implemented and monitored?
  20. Could you explain the company structure to me? Who will I be reporting to?
More Interview Questions to ask


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