Friday 16 November 2012

Watch Out - the Internal Candidate

Being interviewed for a role with your existing organisation is a breeze, or so it would seem. Such complacency will lead to a false sense of security, a lack of proper preparation and underperformance on the day. You know the people. You understand the organisation, and you have a successful track record that should speak for itself – right?

Not necessarily.

People like ME – as an external candidate – will have:
  1. Researched the company, the job and the panel, extensively.
  2. Prepared the evidence to support key areas of experience, competencies and personal qualities most likely to be of interest to the interviewees.
  3. Listed points of differentiation; what I have to offer over YOU (as an internal candidate).
  4. Looked at and be ready to discuss my own reputation; expectations before I’ve even entered the room.
  5. Built the case to show I WANT THE JOB.
  6. And, I’ll be poised to sell myself.
Watch Out – I’m coming for you and, the job.

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