Monday 2 March 2009

Tips for those fearing layoffs

Richard Bayer, an economist and chief operating officer of The Five O'Clock Club, a national career-coaching and outplacement organization, said there are several steps people can take to help keep their jobs while preparing for the worst - a layoff.

Here are some tips:

Get your ducks in a row: People who have not been laid off but consider it a possibility should start testing their market with a preliminary job search. It shouldn't be an aggressive job search, but you need to go through all of the initial steps.

Link yourself to important projects: The best way to protect yourself at your job is to take assignments that are important to the future of the company. These projects will help boost your status and keep you in front of those who hold your job's fate in their hands.

Get your résumé in order: The easiest thing you can do to get prepared for a layoff is to update your résumé. Be sure to include very specific information about the projects you've worked on. You need to know your résumé like the back of your hand.

Keep in touch with your contacts: After your initial meeting or phone call with these companies, stay in front of them. Give your contacts there a call every six to eight weeks. Let them know how you're doing and how much you enjoyed meeting them.

Network: Keep building and nurturing your list of other business contacts. Go to trade-association meetings to keep up with changes in your industry. Join social networks such as LinkedIn to cast a wide net for contacts.


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