Sunday 17 May 2009

Ten ways to secure a great job in a recession

When times are tough, competition for the jobs that ARE available increases greatly. I've seen from recent experience that people are applying for positions for which they are not qualified - and rushing to get as many applications in as possible means that they don't read the instructions properly.

Simply by ensuring you're properly qualified and providing all the information required is very likely to get you an interview. Here are 10 tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Apply only for positions for which you meet all the criteria.

2. Read the brief properly.

3. Let your personality shine through in an intelligent and enthusiastic covering letter.

4. Keep it relevant.

5. Be honest.

6. Lay your CV out neatly, consistently and in reverse chronological order.

7. Keep it succinct.

8. Make a little extra effort.

9. Get your application proofread by a sharp-eyed grammar nazi.

10. If you're sending out your CV on spec (i.e. unsolicited and not in response to a specific job ad) to a number of recruiters or companies, for heaven's sake, take five minutes to email each person individually, customising the salutation to ‘Dear [name]'.

And the biggest no-no of all time: Sending out your CV as a word attachment, with no covering letter, from someone else's email entirely. What's with that? You have to get your mom or girl/boyfriend to send out your CV for you?

Spend a couple of hours at an internet café, get your own email address, write a personalised covering letter and put your CV together nicely. Make a bit of an effort. The job of your dreams is worth it, isn't it?

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