Monday 1 June 2009

In-between jobs: Should I become Prince2 qualified?

Way back in 2007, I remember being asked 'Are you Prince 2 Certified? Share your experience.' (via Linkedin Answers). I posted a response which, when asked the same question again yesterday, I'd still standby - though for the sakes of a more comprehensive read, I've added a few comments to the original post.

Having successfully completed the foundation and practitioner courses back in 2004 during a rather condensed, week long session of 'death by powerpoint', I'm a PRINCE2 certified project manager (often referred to as a registered practitioner).

1st recommended read: Prince2 for Dummies

I'm not sure if I will re-sit/renew this year. In managing small, medium & large scale projects over the last five years; I'm not sure how much value it has NOW for me.

Having been told many years ago by a wise old recruitment consultant (Rich Curtis - sorry for the use of 'old') that the PRINCE2 qualification would be as '...valuable to you (in terms of earning power) as the money it cost you to pass it...'. I chose to do it back in 2004 and certainly haven't regretted it since.

2nd recommended read: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2

As risk of someone belittling the tried and tested project management methodology, I guess it all depends on what are doing or are planning to do in the future.

In my opinion.....(for what its worth)....

~ With it, you're more likely to be considered for a 'bonafide' project management role.
~ With it, you're more likely to considered for a government and/or civil service role.
~ With it, you're more likely to be considered for a large corporate PM role and/or large scale project assignment.

Granted, it may help to get some experience in the field of project management BEFORE you par-take in the PRINCE2 training so that you can pick out the most relevant stuff for your 'style and approach' however, for the £1000 or so it will cost you, it certainly won't do you any harm.

3rd recommended read: PRINCE2 Pocketbook

I agree with one of the other respondants that, not all PMs understand and/or support the PRINCE2 framework.

You may find that some larger organisations operate their product or project management processes based loosely on the PRINCE2 methodology so with qualification under your belt, their terms of reference won't sound like another language when you turn up for your first days work with them.

Good luck!

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