Tuesday 7 July 2009


JOBSKRS hv bn tld 2 aply 2 wrk at a mbl fone co – by txt msg.

And if that makes sense to you, you could be just the sort of person a mobile phone boss is looking for. Candidates chasing marketing jobs have just 160 characters to compose their applications before sending them to a mobile number.

The firm came up with the idea to sort out genuine contenders.

Company boss Phil Terrett said: “Applicants are going to have to be creative and to the point – they are the qualities we are looking for. “If their text says: ‘Dear sir, I would like to apply for the position of ...’ they will run out of space.

“They have to be a lot more savvy to fit something in that’s going to make a genuine impression. What we want are people who will fit in and understand the subject. It’s the attitude that matters.”

Candidates have until September to apply for the job with Teimlo, based in St Mellons, Cardiff, which provides mobile phone content for firms, charities and individuals. The job advert has gone on three Twitter sites and will also be published in trade magazines.

The Twitter ad reads: “We need a marketer. Text JOB + y it should b u to 82088. 160 characters 2 make an impression! Cost 1 std rate txt , UK only. C”

The company will draw up a shortlist from the hundreds of messages it expects to receive.

It says that whoever gets the job needs to be: “Sassy, good with words, have working knowledge of mobile and social media and be a determined multi-tasker and networker.” The company has already received its first texts.

Mr Terrett said of his would-be workers. “They will really have to work at the response.”

People who get through the first round will then be asked to submit a “funky CV”. And the company, will then call candidates for a more traditional interview.

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