Wednesday 9 September 2009

Reuters: Bullhorn Releases LinkedIn White Paper

Bullhorn, the global leader in On Demand, front office recruitment software, today released a white paper advising recruiters on how to use LinkedIn and other social networks for recruitment success. The paper, entitled `How Bullhorn Sees it: Six Tips for Using LinkedIn and Other Social Networks for Recruitment Success` was produced in response to growing anxiety amongst recruiters that LinkedIn threatens the industry by giving employers direct access to candidates.

Barry Hinckley, President and Founder of Bullhorn, which launched in Britain in May this year, comments: "With every member recording their career history and displaying recommendations from colleagues, clients and suppliers, LinkedIn has effectively become one of the world`s largest databases of candidates, and much of this information can be accessed by anyone.

"The need for recruitment agencies, however, will remain or grow for two reasons: the obvious one is that LinkedIn now offers heaps more data to sift through. But secondly, and more importantly, are the relationships. Historically, the best recruiters are those who cultivate relationships and manage extensive networks of people. Many recruiters today have built vast networks on LinkedIn, and these are far more personal than those built on job boards. Employers will pay a recruiting fee to access relationships they do not have."

In the five years since its inception, LinkedIn has expanded into a global network of over 43 million users - and the best recruiters will harness the possibilities it offers for greater recruitment success.

The six points outlined in the white paper are summarised below:

  1. LinkedIn works best if you modify your voicemail strategy
  2. People on LinkedIn are not passive, they`re poised
  3. LinkedIn is a good way to source names and find candidates, but don`t expect the network to do the work for you
  4. LinkedIn is the second stop (after checking your internal database for active candidates) to get referrals
  5. Facebook is a good site. It has a role to play, but currently it`s not ideal for sourcing
  6. ZoomInfo is a great tool to generate new and better requirements

The full white paper can be downloaded from: HERE

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