Wednesday 9 September 2009

Reuters: Redefines Job Search and Talent Acquisition

Online job-searching and talent acquisition platform leverages the best of traditional and social media tools to deliver easy-to-use, powerful and cost-effective talent-employer matching

GRANGER, Ind., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- In the nation's road to an economic recovery, the quest for and by top talent is more crucial than ever. The advent of social networking has changed the recruiting world forever; however, the majority of employers do not have a comprehensive social media recruitment strategy in place. Similarly, job-seekers are unsure about how to effectively leverage social networks in their job search. Traditional tools bring some value, but they have also created a disjointed market, leaving employers and job-seekers frustrated with trying to manage massive amounts of data from hundreds of resources with comparatively little results -- until now.

Thanks to (, a new breed of job search and talent acquisition tool, the process is now simple, effective and comprehensive. has developed a unique platform that deeply integrates the most powerful social networks with the most sophisticated online tools available to help job-seekers and employers create the best
matches online.

From this single comprehensive site, job-seekers can search for open positions, create and distribute their personal brand using a webCV, leverage social networks real-time in their job search and interview online with employers. For employers, provides an opportunity to brand for talent acquisition, use a combination of traditional and social media recruiting tools, research candidates and interview candidates online in stages through innovative video evaluation tools.

" is changing the game in terms of what today's job boards offer," says Pratik Roychoudhury,'s founder/CEO. "In today's world of collaboration and networking, companies should not have to shell out dollars to post jobs and search resumes. With, such services are completely free, and the search is more relevant and targeted. Its features are designed to help companies lower recruiting costs and streamline talent

One of the site's many innovative features allows job-seekers to find insider connections to target companies from their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter networks, and enables employers to engage all employees in a viral referral-recruiting process using Facebook.

"It's important, too, for employers and job-seekers to realize that while capitalizes on all the latest online technologies, the search engine isn't about replacing those crucial face-to-face interviews," says Roychoudhury. "However, our features streamline the process reducing the number of candidates invited for an on-site interview thereby boosting recruiting ROI. Job candidates know that if they're receiving a face-to-face interview through, the employer is seriously considering them. It's a great time-saver for all parties."

About is a unique platform that connects job-seekers and employers leveraging Branding, Video Technologies and Social Networks.'s Management Team and Advisory Board consist of talented executives who have brought their experiences with major online job sites into the creation of this highly refined, comprehensive site.


Pratik Roychoudhury

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