Wednesday 9 September 2009

Twitterers prepare for Twestival

Do something for your karma: the Live Aid of the technology world, Twestival, is about to happen again. On Thursday evening, 10 September, Twitterers will get together for charity parties going on simultaneously in 22 UK cities. Between then and 13 September Twestival Local will run in 133 cities worldwide.

The idea to bring Twitterers together in the offline world to have some fun, help each other with technological issues and do something good started in London about a year ago. Intended for originally 30-40 people, the first Twestival was organised, donations were collected via Twitter and food was canned for a local not-for-profit homeless programme. It is said that the event soon had a waiting list and 250 attendees. When the team started to plan the next London event, naturally the idea of hosting simultaneous Twestivals came up.

And it was a success. The first Global Twestival was dedicated to the charity "water" and took in events in 202 cities around the world. According to the organisers more than 1,000 volunteers participated, most of them crowdsourced over Twitter. They raised $250,000 in one day, which was invested in 55 wells in Uganda, Ethiopia and India. This week Twestival returns, but this time it aims for local charities. Nevertheless it is hoped that it will raise $400,000.

The London Twestival starts at 7pm at Vinopolis in Bankside. Tech-savvy people will be there to help with websites, free consultancy and Twitter training, alongside a couple of pop concerts featuring The Hours, OneTaste, and The Parks Dept, supported by DJs. For £15 you will get free drinks and help ChildLine, which was chosen in an online vote. According to the organisers, last time a crowd of 800 people came together. This time they expect up to 1,200. So get your ticket here.

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