Thursday 25 February 2010

Hints and tips on job application forms

Before you prepare your application form, bear in mind some of the most common mistakes. In a recent survey the following emerged as some of the most frequent dos and don'ts.


• Always read the whole form carefully before filling it in.
• Photocopy the blank form. Fill it in first before completing the original form.
• Always ask someone else to check what you have written.
• Jot down your initial thoughts on a rough page. Often it can be useful to do this over a few hours, coming back to the page each time you think of something else.
• Allow plenty of time for completion of the form.
• Honesty is the best policy. If you lie or exaggerate you are certain to be found out and this does your relationship with a prospective employer no good at all.
• Transfer to the original neatly and carefully using black ink.
• Take a photocopy of the completed form.
• Send the original with a covering letter.
• Regard 'other information' sections as an opportunity to sell yourself.
• Emphasise your achievements, skills and strengths.


• Never simply substitute with your CV. If employers issue application forms it is for the reasons stated in the Do's column. It is acceptable to include your CV when you return the form unless specifically asked not to.
• Never leave blanks. Always respond in some way, even if it’s with a dash or 'not applicable'.

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