Saturday 6 March 2010

New Job: Product Manager, YELP, San Francisco

Job Title: Product Manager
Job Date: 2010-03-05
Company: Yelp
Job Location(s): San Francisco,CA,US

Description: PMs at Yelp do a lot. In an "average" day you might be immersed in UI designs in Adobe Fireworks, QAing new features, spec-ing out ideas, and always, always using the site to think of ways we can improve it. We need a Product Manager who can help us go from big to big-time - a natural leader whose background straddles the (sometimes) conflicting realms of product design and engineering.

You will:

* Work to scale our existing and new products globally
* Design the UI and back-end functionality for business and revenue products
* Work with our all-star engineering team
* Identify, analyze and prioritize new projects
* Manage the design/build/test/release process end-to-end.
* Strive for design perfection but love to release and iterate.

Requirements (and we mean it!):

+ Techie Cred: CS or similar degree so you can talk to our enginerds about Python, map reduce jobs, and naive Bayesian algorithms without a translator.
+ Passion about the Space: You love the world of social networking, local search and consumer websites.
+ A Conditional Love for Yelp: Like a BFF or a tee ball coach, you should love us but also be able to tell us what we're doing wrong. You'll need to be able to dish out the criticism here and take it, too.
+ A Need for Speed: Daily release cycle? Bring it!


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