Wednesday 12 September 2012

Klout 101

Klout attempts to measure your online clout - that is, your ability to influence people on the Internet. Using data aggregated from social networks, Klout determines how good you are at persuading other people to act.

Klout's website notes that a Klout score takes three major factors into account: True Reach (how many people you actually influence), Amplification (how much you influence those people), and Network (how influential your network is).

To increase your Klout score, you need to focus on these three things:
1.       Increase the number of people who respond to and share your content.

2.       Ensure your tweets & status updates are easy for people to respond to and share.

3.       Strengthen your network by engaging with people who have high Klout scores.
Have a look yourself: klout

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