Saturday 9 February 2013

Reviewing your Job Titles

Maybe bartender, thief, lover, doctor, lawyer, editor, sales manager, administrative assistant.

When someone gives you one of the above as their job titles, you know what – generally – they mean and you have a general idea of what he / she does. Found a piece recently that listed a few weird and wonderful ‘real’ job titles (below). Suffice as to say, consider adjusting your past job titles to a) make them better align against a role your applying for b) in line with the organisational structure in which you’re hoping to sit or c) more in line with general employment market trends. While you may have been ‘Assistant Supervisor; Project Beamer’ – you may want to consider revising what is an internal job role / naming convention to make it something that the hiring manager may understand and therefore see the fit a lot easier.
  • Director of Storytelling
  • Chief Wiggle Eye Gluer
  • president and chief imagination officer
  • director of chaos
  • beervangelist
  • brewmaster/instigator
  • ambassador of great beer
  • beer beast from the East
  • regional spirits ambassador
  • brewer/mischief
  • chief sparkle officer
  • head worm wrangler
  • marble lady
  • magic maker
  • derma-pigmentation technician for permanent cosmetics
  • chief fun officer
  • Sustainability advocate
  • Producer of world records and world record attempts
  • overseer of order
  • chief fitlosopher
  • We recently changed our receptionist's title to director of first impressions.

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