Wednesday 6 March 2013

Please do not say that

It may not be the best approach – even if it’s true – to tell a would be employer that you’ve spent the last three months following your redundancy, sat on your arze, watching Jeremy Kyle and networking with every landlord in your local area.
Spoke to someone recently who, at a recent interview, asked the would be employee what they’ve been doing in their time off and they said just that (excluding the drinking part); not great - demonstrates little drive, motivation or initiative to get a new role let alone, bettering yourself.
Whether it’s a few weeks or few months, you don’t have to spend money to learn a new skills, develop some new experiences and gain some new things to discuss at your next interview.
Try donating blood – let alone benefitting others, you can drink as much coffee as like and gorge yourself stupid with custard creams.
Try a few FREE online, short courses – I participated in a FREE, online Stanford University course recently. Very interesting and, it fitted in with my home / work life. They are plentiful, you just have to look.
Volunteer to become a Community Speedwatch Advocate. Volunteer at your local school / college / academy to become a School Governor.
That’s just a few. If you want any more suggestions, let me know. The possibilities are endless. The opportunities are on your doorstep.
Off my soap box. What do you think?

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