Sunday 5 August 2012

Profile Pictures are a MUST on Linkedin

Your profile picture alone can provide reams of information to an employer that won't be on your résumé or CV. 

An eye-tracking study by US job search company, TheLadders, found that recruiters spend 19 per cent of the total time they spend on your profile looking at your picture alone.

This obviously could go for you or against you if you do post a profile picture, but if you don't people, may wonder why. 

Think about what that profile picture says. 

Ensure your profile picture reflects the image you'd like to portray to employers.

Having a great face for radio, that reminds me to update my Linkedin profile picture. :-)

Reposted on LinkedIn on 30th May 2020: see Gary Pine

Added a reference to the use of Photofeeler.

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